The most comfy baby carrier

perfectly adjustable for parents and babies

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Our baby carriers are

with the child
from newborn to toddler

100% made of natural
materials like eucalyptus fiber,
hemp & bamboo

Super comfortable
thanks to innovative &
ergonomic design

Our baby carriers are

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Die beste Babytrage für dich & dein Baby

In diesem Video von der Gründerin Jessica seht ihr:

Wie ihr unsere Fullbuckle Carrier innerhalb von Sekunden anlegt

Alle Vorteile & Features unserer Babytragen

Was Bohoney zu der perfekten Babytrage für dich & dein Baby macht

Video ansehen und mehr erfahren!

Aus Überzeugung

möglichst nachhaltig & umweltschonend

faire & ethische Herstellung

100 % vegan

Vermeidung von Plastik & Kunstfasern

Aus Überzeugung

Our baby carriers are available in two variants

The extra long padded shoulder straps
become set up quickly and easily with
the buckles

Quickly and easily assemble in just 35 seconds - with only 3 clicks Back carrying is possible with our back carrying set or crossed over the chest VIEW IN STORE

Extra comfort thanks to the shoulder straps that can be fanned out wide and threaded into rings on the sides.

A little more time to put on - but very adaptable to your body. Possible to back carry, super easy & comfortable without accessories VIEW IN STORE

Take the test and find out which carrier suits you best!


Our baby carriers are available in two variants

Take the test and find out which carrier suits you best!


This makes Bohoney the most comfortable baby carrier


  • wide fanning shoulder straps distribute the weight over the entire surface - no pressure, no cutting in
  • crossed at the back to distribute the weight even better
  • Protects you from unpleasant shoulder or back pain
  • Hip belt sits above the hip bones so that the main weight is on the hips and not on the shoulders
  • Wearing is possible even after a cesarean birth
  • Velvety soft & breathable fabrics which feel like a second skin - Soft bamboo upholstery.

other suppliers

  • narrow shoulder straps that are close to the neck lead to neck and shoulder pain more quickly
  • despite thick padding, the weight presses selectively on one spot
  • Quickly becomes uncomfortable - especially after prolonged wear, leads to back pain
  • Hip belt lies over the entire hip area - weight is on the shoulders
  • Hip belt presses on cesarean scar
  • Fabrics made of cotton or polyester are not very breathable, foam filling e.g. in shoulder straps are rigid and uncomfortable

This makes Bohoney the most comfortable baby carrier

Did you know?

Babies have been proven to fall asleep much better when you carry them to sleep! This is because the wearing and the closeness creates a feeling of security. So if your child sleeps 2-3 times a day, that means a carrying time of several hours a day! With our carriers you become well prepared for a comfortable and ergonomic carrying feeling :)

High quality

for you and your baby

With love

in Europe

Vegan &
Plastic free

to protect our environment

Hi, I'm Jess!

the founder

As an environmentally conscious mama of a son myself, I was searching in vain for a carrier that was both comfortable, sustainable and beautiful. That's why I founded Bohoney, to combine all of these things in our carriers, allowing for the highest possible comfort for you and your child. Together with my friend and talented fashion designer Lucy, we have developed two innovative carrying systems, perfectly adaptable to the needs of parents and child.


Bohoney Pre-loved

Sell your used Bohoney carrier after the end of your personal wearing time to others and get back up to 150-200€ of the original purchase price again!


The Bohoney carriers stay in top shape even wearing for a long time. The fabrics are high quality high quality and durable. Thus, a can carry a second, third or fourth child through life!


The new star
in the fabric sky.

Eucalyptus fiber

feels velvety soft for optimal comfort



cooling in summer, warming in winter

100% more sustainable than cotton


Reviews for Bohoney

Ich kann beide Modelle nur von Herzen empfehlen als Trageberaterin, der Stoff ist super weich, die Handhabung einfach und es ist sowohl für Baby wie auch Mama einfach nur bequem. Daneben finde ich die schlichten Designs einfach wunderschön.

Jules G.

Perfect for newborns:
My little one is 9 days old and immediately fell asleep in the carrier, we both love it! Will definitely recommend the carrier :-) Thank you!


The carrier sits super comfortable and I get no more back pain, as with our previous one 🥰 The fabric is super soft and great workmanship. We are really super satisfied 😊


Die Bohoney Full Buckle ist seit der Geburt unser täglicher Begleiter und ich bin so froh über diesen Kauf. Sie ist nicht nur wunderschön und kompakt sondern sorgt für eine gleichmäßige Gewichtsverteilung in der Schulterpartie durch die breiten Träger. Auch der Kundenservice ist super, wenn mal was sein sollte, nimmt sich jemand wirklich Zeit, sich um das Anliegen zu kümmern.

Linda G.

It’s amazing! She sleeps the best in this, and it’s so comfortable for my shoulders and hips! I love it 😍♥️

Mathilde Gøhler

Bohoney's baby carriers are really super comfortable and pleasant to wear. I own every carrier and none has convinced me as this.

Carina from

We have ordered the Full Buckle Carrier and are absolutely thrilled! Wonderful materials, super comfortable and easy to handle, but still a great design! Keeps everything it promises and even more!

Tiziano & Elena

I got the carrier from my husband and am totally thrilled! She is a real eye-catcher.


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